A-Lert Construction Services

Our Safety Commitment

Safety first. That’s an easy thing to say, and many employers do, but is safety truly evident in our daily culture and reflected in our injury record? We believe our customers and employees alike would answer that with a resounding YES.

A-Lert’s unwavering commitment to safety serves as one of the pillars of our operations. It is woven throughout everything we do. Our Journey to Zero behavioral safety program is specially designed around OSHA and MHSA standards for the construction industry, and serves as a continual reminder of our goal of zero workplace accidents.

While A-Lert employs many safety best practices and training programs, which we encourage you to read more about, a real key to the effectiveness of our program is personal accountability. Beginning with complete buy-in by senior leadership, A-Lert supervisors and managers are all held accountable for the safety of those under their authority. While crew productivity and performance are important measures, a supervisor’s safety record is also given significant weight when it comes to being evaluated for pay and advancement. A-Lert’s commitment to this level of accountability has been transformative, and is now translating into employees taking individual ownership of their daily safety efforts. The daily mindset that “Safety begins with Me” is taking hold and having a huge impact.